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Dermatologists usually guide the patient to the foremost acceptable kind and level of chemical peel to deal with the matter and yield a satisfying result. what is realistic? What isn’t? What are you able to do for yourself? and at last, what ought to your doctor try this your aesthetician shouldn’t? Let’s ascertain.

Realistic Goals of Chemical Peels:

Reduce appearance long-term sun damage

Reduce gentle scarring

Reduce or eradicate wrinkles

Improve dark skin discoloration

Remove excessive/stubborn blackheads

Temporarily scale back excessive skin oils

The list below includes things that chemical peels can’t do and thus mustn’t be expected from your peel treatment. additionally, this can be usually not acceptable for rising dark skin discoloration in individuals of color (Asians, African Americans, Caucasians of Mediterranean extraction, Hispanics, etc.).

Unrealistic Goals of Chemical Peels:

Reduce the looks of blood vessels on the skin

Change the pore diameter

Remove keloidal kinds of scars

Provide a facelift

There are various chemicals used to rejuvenate the skin in what square measure referred to as “chemical peels.” the most reason to pick out a vigorous agent relies upon the required depth of the chemical peel. If the skin concern is preponderantly superficial, then a milder, less caustic ingredient is chosen. If deeply placed conditions exist, then a way stronger product with matching levels of potential complications could also be necessary.

Chemical peeling agents that perform gentle or moderate peels usually give a safer peel that has less associated semipermanent facet effects. These peels work on the cuticle and presumably the foremost superficial portion of the stratum (known because of the outgrowth dermis).

Deeper peels go midway into the dermal layer (into the latticelike dermis), nearly invariably departure a for good lighter skin tone. rather than having the ability to tan as within the past, this lighter skin usually freckles instead. These deeper peels mustn’t be undertaken gently, and you would like to form positive before that the peel technique is feathered into the scalp line and performed down the neck, presumably even the neckline, otherwise, you could notice that you simply have an extremely noticeable line demarcating your original skin tone and therefore the new one that’s on the face.

Active ingredients used alone or together for gentle to moderate strength chemical peels:

Glycolic Acid(AHA)

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Lactic Acid

Jessner’s Peel (a combination of salicylic acid, phenol, and carboxylic acid mixed in ethanol)


TCA (Trichloracetic Acid)

Active ingredients employed in deep chemical peels:

Baker’s Phenol

Four Levels of Chemical Peels

The ingredient and concentration play a massive role in crucial the last word depth of the chemical peel. However, different variables will build a distinction like whether or not pre-peel, de-fatting schoolwork was performed, the number of chemicals applied, and therefore the length of your time the chemical was allowed to remain on the skin.

Another necessary issue is that space is treated. The variations in skin thickness will affect the last word peel outcome. as an example, the face sometimes heals way more apace and usually experiences way fewer complications (such as discoloration, scar formation, and infection) than areas like the backs of the hands or neck. And no matter what kind of depth of peel is used, exfoliation continuously will increase sun sensitivity. continuously wear a broad-spectrum SPF thirty once mistreatment any variety of chemical or physical exfoliation.

Very Superficial:

This extremely is not a real peel, additional of AN exfoliation. the foremost superficial layers of the corneum (at the highest of the epidermis) area unit is removed or diluted throughout exfoliation. Most chemical peels have an operative plan of mistreatment exfoliating agents like Renova, Tazorac, or a powerful acid cream for 2-4 weeks before the particular procedure. This helps the chemical peeling agents penetrate additional deeply and equally. the employment of those exfoliants additionally has the plain good thing about smoothing out thickened rough areas, serving to self-tanners persist additional equally and serving to alternative skin rejuvenation merchandise reach deeper tissues. to boot, there has been proof to support that antiophthalmic factor exfoliants will facilitate stimulate scleroprotein deposition.


Superficial chemical peels take away skin through some or all of the epidermic layer. These areas unit the “refreshing” types of skin peels. they will additionally facilitate with reducing the looks of terribly delicate blotchy skin discoloration, remnant skin problem discoloration and facilitate cleanse the pores. this can be the foremost common sort of peel that you simply would realize performed {in a|during a|in AN exceedingly|in a very} spa or by an aesthetician. And usually, they’d solely utilize glycolic, AHA blends, or BHA because of the active ingredients. True peels with higher levels of acid (30% or higher) or those containing TCA, phenol, or Jessner’s ideally would be performed in an exceedingly medical setting.

Examples of chemicals used for a superficial peel include TCA 10-20%, Resorcin, Jessner’s answer, 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, Solid carbonic acid gas (also referred to as dry ice), AHAs (Glycolic and beverage Acid).

Home peel kits tend to fall somewhere between terribly superficial and superficial. they will be wonderful for freshen skin, eliminating blackheads, improving symptoms of oiliness and/or skin problem, and renewing texture. Home peels sometimes rely on terribly low levels of acid (AHA) or mix with 2-hydroxybenzoic acid (BHA). an approximation that total levels of actives can fall somewhere within the 4-12% total acid level vary once watching a median homemade product. Certainly, chemical peels for home use within the 30+ vary ought to be approached with care. acid at half-hour enters into the potential medium-level peel, notably if victimized.

Acid is acid, therefore anytime a peel plan is employed reception, it’s vital to follow the directions. Acid’s area unit neutral throughout the routine to prevent their action. This prevents inflammation, discoloration, or chemical burns from occurring. Most thought brands are tested and have well-evidenced safety records. however, “rogue” peels with no major complete behind them could also be suspect. DERMAdoctor has sporadically received frantic shopper calls regarding issues tough with “no-name” chemical peels purchased online or through AN infomercial. So, it forever boils all the way down to the client’s mind and uses with care.


Here’s my stop purpose that distinguishes medically performed peels from those offered in an exceeding spa, by AN aesthetician or facialist. A medium strength chemical peel permits the acid to penetrate through the stratum, into the higher most portion of the derma referred to as the papillose derma. A medium strength peel is way more probably to be related to complications, each temporary and permanent.

In addition to the pre-peel use of exfoliants, the employment of a skin blanching agent, like four-dimensional hydroquinone, and a broad-spectrum cream a month before the procedure, could also be value-added for additional aggressive types of these peels, or for patients WHO already suffer from some sort of skin discoloration. Inflammation from this level peel could briefly turn out a rise in skin tone. Medium peels area unit usually not acceptable for individuals with darker skin tones or of ethnic background thanks to the chance of irregular pigmentation following the procedure.

Dealing with infection preventatively is essential here. For non-buffered acid and additional unremarkably TCA peels, the employment of antiviral medication (herpes fever blister prevention) started before the peel is performed is incredibly useful. Antibiotics also are used generally. it’s fully CRUCIAL that you simply don’t choose the peeling skin throughout the healing part. this can be a positive thanks to finding yourself with AN infection and long issues like scarring or skin discoloration.

Often the employment of emollients throughout the primary few days area units incorporated additionally to the continued use of AN SPF thirty cream and a delicate formulation like DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge cleansing agent. Make-up is usually avoided till the skin has absolutely bare-ass away.

Buffered acid chemical peels that vary from 70-99% don’t cause the sort of greatly noticeable peeling that you simply will see with TCA peels like AccuPeel. However, a series of 6-12 buffered acid peels compared to sometimes one of the AccuPeel is usually performed. Skin sensitivity, degree of skin issues, time down and price can confirm that sort of peel ought to be chosen.

A variety of acid compounds may be used for a medium peel: acid 70%+ (non-buffered), TCA 35-70%, combination peels like solid carbonic acid gas, (also known as dry ice), followed by medium strength TCA and acid followed by TCA.


This peel goes through the stratum, papillose derma, and into the deeper portion of the derma referred to as the netlike derma. These peels don’t seem to be a straightforward procedure. Absorption of the active ingredient phenol has been well-known to cause asystole and even death. Patients WHO bear phenol peels ought to be placed beneath anesthesia and on full internal organ and respiratory organ watching.

A phenol peel needs a medical setting wherever emergency back-up is accessible ought to something fail. The downtime from this procedure is the longest, 2-3 weeks is mostly needed before you wish to be seen publicly. thanks to the depth of the peel exploit deeper tissue exposed, there’s a rise in radiosensitivity to the sun.

Examples of ingredients utilized in deep peels include Baker’s phenol alone or beneath occlusion by tape. The tape drives the phenol deeper into the skin.

Chemical peels will retexturize the skin and restore radiance. whether or not searching for magic or just the best home treatment to maximize your rejuvenation routine, chemical peels area unit without a doubt here to remain. regardless of the reason, forever follow the directions. Doing, therefore, can assist you to get the foremost from your treatment and minimize issues down the road