Hair loss is a common but distressing condition. After 30s maximum  people start experiencing thinning and loss of hair. Gradually this  problem increases and leads to baldness. Not just males but females  are also affected by thinning and loss of hair.

Some basic reasons responsible for thinning and loss of hair include:

1) Decrease in blood flow to the hair shaft subsequently leading to a decrease in supply of essential nutrients and oxygen.
Dr Jaya’s Exult Hair Revitalising Shampoo

2) Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (formed from testosterone by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase) binds to hair follicles leading to shrinkage of hair follicles as well as decrease in the hair growth cycle.

3) Inhibition/degradation of proteins and genes involved in the growth of hair follicle.

4) Increase in oxidative stress and inflammation with increasing age.

Dr. Jaya’s Exult Hair Revitalising Shampoo prolongs the life cycle of hair leading to thicker and fuller hair.

Key Actives

S.No.                                                                        INCI                                                 %
1                                                                         Caffeine                                             1.0%
2                                                             Pisum sativum SproutExtract                        0.10%
3                                                                      D-panthenol                                        0.50%
4                                                                      Niacinamide                                        0.50%


Other Ingredients:


S.No.                                                              INCI                                                                FUNCTION
1                                                                Aqua                                                                   Solvent
2                                                   Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate                                      Surfactant
3                                                     Cocamidopropyl Betaine                                            Surfactant
4                                                   Ethylene Glycol Monostearate                                    Pearl forming
5                                                     Olive Oil PEG-7 Ester                                                 Conditioner
6                                                      Cetrimonium Chloride                                               Conditioner
7                                                       Polyquaternium-10                                                   Conditioner
8                                                     Methyl Paraben Sodium                                             Preservative
9                                                            Citric Acid pH                                                          Adjuster
10                                                     Propyl Paraben Sodium                                             Preservative
11                                                                perfume                                                        Fragrance

How It Helps Your Hair


Increases the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen to nurture hair bulbs by increasing microcirculation and reducing smooth muscle tension around hair follicle. It leads to inhibition of phosphodiesterase that causes increase in cyclic AMP leading to enhanced hair cell formation. Caffeine reverses DHT’s inhibitory action on keratinocyte
proliferation leading to increased anagen phase


Caffeine’s effect on hair shaft elongation and increasing anagen phase

Anagain (Pisum sativum sprout extract):

Stimulates hair growth at root level. Increases anagen phase by increasing the FGF (fibroblast growth factor)7 & Noggin gene activity. Where, Noggin gene is responsible for prolonging the anagen phase in hair cycle. Inhibits 5-alpha-reductase
responsible for hair fall.



The active form of Vitamin B3 acts in synergism with Caffeine. Improves blood circulation, oxygen supply and provides nutrients to the hair follicles. Reduces inflammation and increases keratin synthesis. Acts as a moisturizer by decreasing trans epidermal water loss.


An excellent moisturizer that penetrates into hair shaft and root: improving hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility. Improves damaged hair by providing luster and sheen.


How it helps scalp and hair

Prevents hair loss and prolongs the life cycle  of hair
Rejuvenates the scalp
Moisturizes the scalp and hair
Restores vitality for thicker and fuller hair


Apply shampoo on wet hair, massage gently on scalp and
hair. Wait for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.


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