How To Use Moisturizer - EXULT

How To Use Moisturizer – EXULT

Putting Moisturizer on Your Body

1.Exfoliate at least once a week.

While in a bath or shower, exfoliate your skin at least once a week using a loofa, face cloth, shower puff, etc. Exfoliation helps to remove the top layer of dead and dry skin cells, which when left as is, prevent your moisturizer from penetrating into your skin deep enough.

2.Wash with a moisturizing soap or body wash.

When in a shower or bath, use soaps and body washes that contain moisturizer to wash your body. The labels for soaps and body washes will indicate if they contain moisturizing ingredients.
One option is to use oil to your skin while within the shower or bath, then rinse the maximum amount as you’ll before getting out. This moisturizes you skin nicely, but removes the surplus oil so it doesn’t stain your clothes or feel slippery.

3.Do not use hot water to wash your skin.

Whether you’re washing your hands, or having a shower or bath, use warm water and not really hot water. Unfortunately predicament can actually accelerate how quickly your skin ages and dries it out faster than warm water.

If you’ve ever swam in a swimming pool or bathed in a hot tub, you probably noticed how dry your skin was afterwards. This dryness was caused by the chemicals used in the water to remove bacteria (as the water is used over and over again). Most city treated water also has chemicals added to reduce bacteria, although in much smaller amounts. However long exposure to that water can still cause your skin to dry out, so it’s best to keep your showers and baths as short as you can.

4. Apply moisturizer after a shower or bath.

In general, it’s best to use moisturizer to any a part of “> a part of your body after you’ve washed that part of your body and therefore the skin remains damp. For your body, it is best to apply moisturizer after you’ve had a shower or bath. Pat off the surplus water from your skin with a towel, then apply the moisturizer to your damp skin.

You can, however, still apply moisturizer to your body if you probably did not wash it. But the moisturizer are going to be simpler on damp skin.
Apply body moisturizer using short, but firm, strokes together with your hand.
Pay specific attention to applying moisturizer to the driest parts of your body like: hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
If you apply moisturizer to your feet after a shower or bath, be careful about walking around in bare feet afterwards. Avoid walking on tiles or hardwood floors without socks or slippers.

5.Use oil rather than moisturizer.

Many products — aside from specifically designed body moisturizers — can help hydrate your skin. For example, you’ll use coconut or vegetable oil , instead of moisturizer, to urge an equivalent , or maybe better, results.
If you opt to use an oil instead of a moisturizer, remember to wipe off excess oil with a towel after it has been applied to your skin.
Also confine mind that some oil may stain the garments you set on over top of your skin. Because of this, it is best to apply oils before bed, under your pyjamas.
Try out body butter for an additional natural, oil-based moisturizer.

6.Massage in hand cream before bed.
Your hands go through a lot over the course of the day. Every time you wash your hands, for instance , the natural oils on your skin, plus any previously applied cream , gets washed off.

Before bed, apply a bigger than normal amount of cream and massage the cream into your hands for a couple of minutes.
It’s a good habit to start reapplying hand cream every time after your wash your hands to continuously rehydrate your skin.