i-Lipo is that the latest in optical maser lipolysis, providing you the way to realize in. loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.

How will it work?
The i-Lipo emits low levels of optical maser energy, that creates a chemical signal within the fat cells, breaking down the hold on triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerin and cathartic them although channels within the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerin area unit then transported round the body to the tissues that may use them throughout metabolism to form energy. This method of carboxylic acid unleash could be a natural response of the body once the body has to used hold on energy reserves, so i-Lipo isn’t making any unnatural reaction within the body nor will it have an effect on or harm any close structures like skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. A amount of exercise post treatment can make sure the complete metabolism and so elimination from the body of the freed fatty acids i lipo optical maser – non surgical body shaping .

Week previous ton treatment if doable – if not, days prior:
• Liberal water intake : over thirty two ounces each day
• alright to take ALL medications, even diuretics (substance that will increase flow of urine)
• don’t base hit eat!!!
• don’t drink alcohol the night before I-LIPO!!

Day of treatment – before treatment:
• Drink twenty four ounces of water (coffee, tea, cols doesn’t count as water!!)
• HOLD diuretics till day once (if applicable)
• Take traditional medications, however don’t take diuretics.
• don’t drink alkaloid 3-4 hours before treatment.
• don’t drink effervescent drinks 3-4 hours before treatment
• don’t have a significant meal before treatment (Eat however don’t stuff yourself)
• don’t quick before your treatment. Not intake can create your body come in starvation mode and your treatment results won’t be as vital

Immediately once I-LIPO:
You must participate in aerobic exercise- i.e. walk or run on treadmill cycle ,or elliptical exercise at our clinic. The longer the exercise, the additional probably it’s that the fat that was mobilized into the vascular system can leave the body! DRINK another 36ounces of water once i-lipo and through exercise if doable .you can generally expect the subsequent as a results of your arduous effort (exercise)
30 minutes exercise =40-60% of fat metabolized =FAIR results
45 minutes exercise =60-80% of fat metabolized = smart results
60 minutes exercise =80-100% of fat metabolized =EXCELLENT results
DO NOT DRINK and don’t BING EAT!! ALCOHOL you will expertise hunger cravings as a result of loads of fat has been metabolized and your body isn’t wont to that ! Fight the hunger pains (if any) and continue smart intake habits

Day once treatment :
• forestall it kind re- Continue liberal water in take
• Resume diuretics (if applicable)
• Watch your appetency because it is also inflated –DO NOT increase traditional calorie in take
• Exercise if doable – keep in mind an oversized quantity of fat has been drop into the vascular system and it’s vital to burn all that you simply will storing

PLEASE keep in mind that you simply HAVE LOST a big quantity OF FAT FROM ONE space OF YOUR BODY however the load LOSS are often REVERSED BY:
• BRING intake (eat 4-6 meals daily and unfolded your calorie in take)
• intake an excessive amount of CARBOHYDRATES