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Close up of problematic skin with deep acne scars on cheek men pigmentation.


If at-home treatments don’t appear to be creating a distinction, a skincare specialist or your attention supplier will facilitate along with your treatments.


Dermabrasion is one every of the foremost effective and customary treatments for facial scars. whereas it uses an equivalent general principle because the microdermabrasion kits you’ll be able to do reception, attention suppliers use a wire brush or a wheel to additional deeply exfoliate the highest layer of the skin.

Best for: Scars on the brink of the surface like shallow freight cars or rolling scars. However, deeper scars may additionally diminish noticeably.

Chemical peels

These aren’t the sort of face masks you binge-watch your favorite guilty pleasure with. A chemical peel may be a robust acid that’s accustomed take away the highest layer of the skin to cut back deeper scars.

Some chemical peels area unit gentle enough to be used reception, however, your attention supplier will give a stronger resolution with additional dramatic results.

Their area unit many alternative sorts of chemical peels, therefore it’s best to speak to your attention supplier regarding that one is true for you.

Best for: every type of skin disorder scars, typically used for deeper scars.

Laser resurfacing

Much like a chemical peel and remotion, optical device resurfacing removes the highest layer of the skin. This treatment usually features a quicker healing time than different resurfacing treatments.

However, you’ve got to stay the world coated with a bandage till it’s fully well. This treatment is additionally not a decent possibility for anyone who’s still obtaining breakouts, and it’s not as effective on darker skin tones.

Best for All skin disorder scars and lighter skin tones.


Healthcare suppliers use fillers to fill in skin disorder scars and facilitate even out the skin. The fillers may be created with albuminoid, your fat, or an advert filler. They’re injected below the surface of the skin to assist shake and smoot depressed scars.

Most fillers last between a half-dozen and eighteen months before they have to be redone, however some area units permanent.

Best for: somebody with a tiny low variety of freight car or rolling scars.


This newer treatment uses a tiny low, handheld, needle-studded roller or hand-held “pen” on the surface of the scars. The needles puncture the numbed skin — however, don’t bear it sort of a shot! because the skin heals, it makes albuminoid.

There’s proof to recommend that micro-needling helps cut back the depth of skin disorder scars, however, this treatment will take up to nine months to examine changes, Outside of the slight worry issue, it’s a secure treatment that works for all skin tones.

Best for Depressed skin disorder scars.


There area unit several different medications which will be injected into raised scars to assist soften and flatten them as well as corticosteroids and therapy medication antimetabolite (5-FU) and interferons. The injections area unit typically performed as a series with one every few weeks.

Best for Raised scars.

Minor in-office surgery

At first brush, it would appear crazy to get rid of a scar and probably replace it with a brand new one, however, dermatologists or plastic surgeons will take away a noticeable scar and leave behind a tiny low scar that may fade with time.

An attention supplier can even raise the scar by loosening the fibers at a lower place to assist bring it nearer to the surface therefore it’s less noticeable. This procedure is named subcision.

Best for Deep depressed scars and raised scars.

The takeaway

Acne scars may be frustrating, however there area unit several treatments which will build them less noticeable. Most scars area unit permanent, however, an attention supplier will assist you to notice the proper treatment to assist cut back the looks of your scars.

The best thanks to treating an associate skin disorder scar is to forestall it within the initial place.

You’re less likely to develop skin disorder scars if you get away less. Avoid choosing, popping, or compression any break, regardless of however tempting, to forestall irritating the skin and damaging the underlying tissue, which may cause scars.